PRIME ASTHMA RELIEF was developed by Dr. James Z. Liu, MD, PhD, Founder of Dr. Natural Healing®. Dr. Liu developed Prime Asthma Relief as an over-the-counter (OTC) asthma relief solution. Prime Asthma Relief does not use the CFC inhaler. Instead, it uses a dry powder inhaler, which is fully compliant with all U.S.A. environmental and regulatory rules and guidelines.

About Dr. James Z. Liu, MD, PhD

DR-JIM-LIU-300x300Dr. James Z. Liu, MD, PhD has been a researcher and medical investigator for DR NATURAL HEALING and in academics going back to the 1990’s. Dr. Liu has obtained 12 patents in the United States and abroad. Four additional patents are pending.

One of the patented technologies, developed by Dr. Liu, is an FDA registered medical device, named NasalCare®. This product was honored in March 2010 as the sole recipient of “Best New Product” Award at the North America ECRM Cough & Cold and Allergy Conference.

Dr. Liu has a keen interest in developing cost-effective products for improving the life quality of millions of people. When he realized that there was no drug or vaccine for treating or preventing a number of common respiratory infectious diseases, he pioneered nasal irrigation as early as in 1997, which was three years ahead of the current marketing leader in nasal irrigation industry.

Due to the true technological advantages offered from Dr. Liu’s invention, the NasalCare® product is independently verified as the most safe squeeze-bottle nasal irrigator since it eliminates 99.6% backflow contamination.

Currently, NasalCare® is being used by millions of patients worldwide for treating nasal allergy, acute and chronic rhinitis, cold/flu, etc. More and more patients are turning to NasalCare® for improving their life quality in the USA and world.

Prior to founding DR NATURAL HEALING, Dr. Liu served as the Senior Project Leader at Abbott Laboratories for 6 years. In this role he was responsible for planning and executing pre-clinical studies and conducting early-phase clinical trials to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of anti-infective compounds in adults, children and infants in the US, Mexico and Chile, and to evaluate the vaccine response in infants fed different formulas.

Dr. Liu also served as the Seminar Chairman of Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories R&D for two years.

Prior to this, Dr. Liu was a Research Assistant Professor at Pennsylvania State University and was responsible for conducting laboratory research on the mechanism of action of cancer chemoprevention.

Prior to this, Dr. Liu was an Assistant Professor at Shandong University School of Medicine, teaching medical students to conduct epidemiology and cancer prevention studies.

Dr. Liu has published 32 peer-reviewed research articles, authored 16 US patents and received more than 20 medical research awards from the national governments, national professional societies, universities and companies.

Dr. Liu received his M.D. at Shandong University School of Medicine, and his Ph.D. at Pennsylvania State University.

About Dr Natural Healing

DNHlogo300DR NATURAL HEALING® provides wellness products for the most common ailments that have distressed men, women and children throughout history. These natural health products emphasize the best of traditional Chinese natural herbs in combination with the most effective American science and medicine to provide you the most powerful wellness solutions available in the world today. All products have unconditional, 60-day, money-back guarantees and are developed by Dr. James Z. Liu, MD, PhD, founder of DR NATURAL HEALING.