• Easy to use, just DROP, CLICK, BREATHE!


    • Light (less than 1 oz), discreet and portable


    • Dry powder inhaler


    • No batteries required


    • 2 second, easy cleaning, whenever needed
      (Best product for active individuals on the go!)


    • Active ingredient: Epinephrine


    • $34.99 (Price varies by retailer)
      Includes inhaler and 20 dose kit


    • Refills are even more economical, less than a $1/ per dose!




    • Complicated usage instructions


    • 5 times bigger, at 5 oz


    • Liquid dose, known to clog inhaler


    • Requires 2 AA batteries


    • Needs cleaning every 24 hours
      (Failure to follow cleaning instructions will negatively impact device performance and void the warranty)


    • Active Ingredient: Racepinephrine


    • $54.99 (Price varies by retailer)
      Includes inhaler and 10 doses


    • Asthmanefrin had to recall their device for a choking hazard


    • In 2013 the FDA issued a warning letter to Nephron, makers of Asthmanefrin™, mentioning concerns with claims on packaging for both products and their website